Take back control of your healthcare in just a tap.
Anywhere. Anytime. On Any Device.
Your health isn’t just managed in one app. There’s a whole team behind you.
The Clearstep app is a gateway for a whole team of health specialists including your personal doctors, nurse practitioners, engineers, pharmacists & artificial intelligence to help get you the care you need.
Medication management, dietary tips, fitness consultations, symptom checking, treatment advice and a whole host of other features are all personalized based on your health history to give you the best experience in the most convenient way.
Chat with
your Docs
Nurse Hotline
Patient Records
Care Feedback
Fully Integrated
Billing System
Privacy Controls
98% Triage Accurate
Symptom Checking
…and dozens of other incredibly easy-to-use features
Smart notifications help keep you on track to be your healthiest self.
Public health-related notifications
Features like Flu shot appointment creation right at your fingertips
Personalized Signals
We assess your profile to find out what environmental and situational health risks pose a threat to you
Medication recalls
& warnings
Refill reminders
Prescription or care
price changes
health alerts
Doctor check-ins
…and we’re always adding new action items this list
Integrations with the best smart devices give you a fresh perspective about your health.
We’re dedicated to providing the most connected experience possible, integrating our application with a host of medical devices, including:
Testing Kits
Blood Pressure
Smart Watches
Fitness Trackers
All of this data can be synced to the same patient record your doctors see, allowing them to walk through results with you online or the next time you come in for an appointment.
We have your provider’s back so they have yours.
We’re constantly updating our software & hardware integrations with all of your healthcare providers. Everyone from primary doctors to specialists to hospitals to your insurance company will be able to keep things running smoothly.
Just scan.
The rest is all done for you.
First time at a provider who uses Lytic? Our advanced electronic health records system allows you to scan a code with your phone to sync every patient health record your doctor records into your phone.
When you enter your doctor’s office, they’ll ask you a couple of questions about what you’re coming in for on either on an iPad or right on your phone. At the end, just scan the QR code to sync everything right to your individual account.
No more redundant conversations. Everybody can be on the same page right away.
Because you can choose to share all your health data with whichever doctor or care provider you’d like at your discretion, they’ll know what symptoms you’re dealing with before you schedule an appointment. They’ll also be able to check which steps you’ve taken to treat your ailments before you even step foot in the doctor’s office. No more answering the same old questions over and over again.
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