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Intelligent Symptom Checking
Our symptom checking & health tracking application gives personalized recommendations & reminders that can integrate with doctors’ software. Clearstep is powered by the most accurate digital health triage and diagnostic protocols out there.
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We've Got Our Providers Covered
Our comprehensive EHR software runs on the most advanced platform in the industry. We integrate with the best applications & services to be there in full-force for our providers to deliver the best care.
  • Start care visits with a fully completed templated note based on a patient’s prior healthbot encounters
  • Patients and providers have full transparency into prior visit information, history, medications, immunizations, labs, imaging, tests, and digital health encounters
  • Our simple medication management software updates in real-time
  • Fully HIPAA-compliant patient health monitoring systems that extend the visit beyond just the doctor’s office
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Integration is key
We stand out because we work together with the leading healthcare focused applications & networks on the market.
Uber Health
No more opening twenty tabs to find the info you need
Our integration with UpToDate allows doctors to find the latest peer-reviewed medical information right in their EHR alongside their patient’s profile. Less time to find information and more time focusing on the patient.
No more surprises at the pharmacy. Find out how much your medication will cost right at the doctor’s office.
With the help of GoodRx, doctors will be able to give the best estimate of how much patients’ medication will cost right from their EHR. With this seamless cross-communication, the doctor can have an honest conversation with their patient about the affordability of their medication.
Prescriptions delivered right to patients’ doors.
Capsule and other online pharmacies allow us to help patients get their medications faster than ever. Our platform will gather patient feedback on how medications are working, and enables providers to make changes instantly to get the right medication to patients’ doorsteps.
Making it easy for patients to get to the right place safely and with care.
With the power of Uber Health, arrange rides in advance for patients to ensure they get to appointments on-time. Medical billing cost management, HIPAA compliance, and support from Uber customer agents is now all easily accessible from one view. The future of patient transportation is here.
Scheduling and managing appointments is finally a breeze.
ZocDoc is a powerful tool that solves problems in online appointment booking. Patient appointments scheduled with ZocDoc will be synced to their history in their Lytic app. Patients will be able to see outcomes of their prior visits, what next steps/medication regimens might be, as well as labs and health records related to the visit.
Patients deserve an end-to-end support system. We give them one.
Our technology is applicable in all of the ways that patients live their life. Patients can now be better treated with the information they can provide outside of the doctor’s office.
WatchOS 5 enabled heart rate & electrocardiogram information sent straight to patients’ doctors for analysis
Medication reminders, refill ordering, & the ability to report adverse effects right in the application for providers to monitor.
Recommendations are tailored to patients’ health profiles. No more useless notifications. Only the alerts that are applicable to each individual’s health.
We’re helping urgent care clinics be more efficient and assist more patients
With the help of our HPI automation technology, patients are entering in their symptoms before their appointment and urgent care professionals are getting an automated & completely editable history of present illness summary— all before the patient walks in the room.
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